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we will invite you to the Two Eyes project
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   we will invite you to the project


Someone can hardly notice the infecton of heart, yet the one can notice the thorn in the nail tip. -Korean proverb

Nail is usually regarded as trivial thing. The nail in 'Two Eyes Project" is the artistic material to draw participation and empathy as well as the medium to transfer the sub-consciousness into consciousness
'Two Eyes Project' produces and shares artistic outcomes through the multiple participation. The work process and outcomes are produced into digital contents to be shared through various on-line communities. Throughout this, people from various classes form relationships in arts and make the opportunities for creative culture consumption on their own.

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Participation Guide

Nail Donation - March 3, June 5, September 9 is a donation day.

What about sharing your ability and time with neighbors? Please collect and save your nails to mail them on the donation day. The nails with life trace (dirt) or manicured nails will be welcome. In addition, if you have anything reminded by nail, please email it to us. Rough sketch of the drawing that will be produced by your donated nails (Required time)<-click

Art Messenger Activity - Once or twice per month from April to December. 

We share the mental values of art with neighbors. Please feel free to post 'Two Eyes Contents' on the community you are participating in or operating. If you messenger the contents in  Chinese, English, Japanese, German and Korean(<-click), people in the world may participate. In case the content is not your taste, you may can get some new inspiration or value from the neighbor's life. We expect that you may recommend your colleagues to participate through poster or postcard sharing. In addition, you may share the contents through TV or projector in the public place. We will send you the printed materials and DVDs as much as you need.

Adding Your Thought - Once or twice per month from April to December. 

You can add and post your appreciative comments after watching the 'Two Eyes Contents'. You may also write replies to express your thoughts. We expect that various ideas can be produced through one object.

Sharing Life Value To Live Happy Life with Others 

 To live happy life along with others, coexistence of various values should be possible. For this, what about trying to express your own life value and share it? Please write your life value withing 10 lines and post it on the community you are operating. Then, send the post address and email adress to us.

 Through these artistic practices, it would be possible to refresh our nature existing in our mind. In the participation and sharing process while we are doing what anyone can do but hardly does, we can find and enjoy the beauty and worth of our valuable life

 address # B01, 381-21 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu Seoul (Seoul 121-839 Korea)

application for and inquiry about participation [email protected] /





 technology of art _ Digital Printing _ 2010   


Life Trace - Nails collected by Cho-Rong Kim over the last 15 years


Two Eyes Project is aimed to visualize and brood what is forgotten in life or covered to adapt to current society. Throughout this, this project is intended to enjoy the pleasure of thinking, imagine and realize the world where the most honest thing is the most beautiful thing. The process and content of the project will be posted in 2011 offline exhibition and the art book planned to be published.


To the participants, souvenir post stamp and gift of meaningful time will be provided.

To the 999 nail donators, 'Two Eyes Project' souvenir post stamps will be provided.


 * Among those who are actively involved in art messenger and express ideas, 40 free tickets for 'JUMP' concert will be provided (one ticket for one person) to those who will visit Seoul between June and December. (Please take a photo of the furnished post stamp. Please send the post address where your own appreciative comments are added. If the title has the word of 'two eyes project' on it, it would be preferred). 


 factory of something more than fun 


ۡ 21 Die mit Ihrem gespendeten Nagel zu produzierrende raue Skizze(die dafür notwendige Dauer der Zeit)| ̹߸
ۡ 19 Rough sketch of the drawing that will be produced by your donated nails (Required time) ̹߸